About Mr. House

Hi, I'm Mr. House, and I'm a high school business and technology teacher. My courses include students from grades 9-12.

My wife Jessica, who is an accountant, and I, have four great kids. Jackson, 20, is an avid gamer and outdoorsman. Jagger, 17, is a software programmer in waiting. Christopher, 10, is a soccer prodigy and math whiz. Isabella, 4, is a major Elsa and Pre-School fan. Finally, the dog... Lady is boxer and she loves to be rowdy and thinks she is a person.

Why I Wanted to Become a Teacher

My favorite teacher in high school was Mr. Morton who taught accounting and loved classic cars. Much like many of my collegues, he would do anything to help out any student with school or off campus issues. Mr. Morton set an example of who I wanted to be as a young man.

I also have a great passion for basketball and part of teaching was having to opportunity to coach. I always have a great time coaching and working with students in athletic endeavors.

What Did I Want to be When I Grew Up?

I liked to do lots of things growing up. My dreams were to race snowcross, be a TV broadcaster, a radio announcer and to be a college basketball coach.

Silly Mr. House Facts

  • Drag raced miniature snowmobiles in elementary school.
  • Competed in Tae-Kwon-Do at the Junior Olympics.
  • Won a bench press competition at age 23.
  • Had season tickets to the Broncos before they built the new stadium.
  • Managed a Burger King before becoming a teacher.
  • Latest camping trip was the Monarch Campground
  • Latest phone game is Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
  • Latest XBOX game is Madden and Fortnite
  • Latest PC Game is a Star Wars Galaxy Emulator
  • Seinfeld is his favorite TV show.

Mr. House's Schedule

  • Block 1 - Digital Graphic Design
  • Block 2 - Computer Applications 2
  • Block 3 - Plan
  • Block 4 - Web Design 1
  • Block 5 - Computer Applications 3

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